The activity was held at the Paola Biocca Center in Amman, funded by  Tavola Valdese 8 × 1000, Italian Campaign to Ban Landmines, You Able Onlus, Life Line Consultancy and Rehabilitation.

Training was held by: Dr. Chiara Zannini, physical therapist and president of “rehabilitate”, social cooperative, which offers home rehabilitation services in Ferraraì; dr. Germano Pestelli of Forli, a doctor specialized in rehabilitation and Ortopaedics and Traumatology, member ISPRM / WHO Committee for Rehabilitation in earthquakes and humanitarian emergencies and ISPRM / WHO Committee on Community Based Rehabilitation.

The activity was addressed to two groups of 21  Jordanians: the first group with students of the course of physiotherapy and health and social workers from Doctors without Borders and the second group of students in physical therapy, mainly in occupational therapy.

The activity was divided between the theoretical explanation on disability movements and the presentation of the work of an inter-professional team in a healthcare setting as  social as well as environmental, emphasizing the possibility of regional programmes with easy affordability. Community rehabilitation is what  much more ‘effective, nowadays, you can do as part of the recovery of a satisfactory quality of life, in favor of disabled and elderly people in difficult situations due to war migrations, poverty, but even at medium to high resource countries. In practice, the CBR comes when the system has abandoned the disabled person and is useful in helping discharge from hospitals all over the world.

The practical study involved the rehabilitation management of complex disabilities such as amputations outcomes due to landmines or war or secondary disability outcomes of brain damage or accidents, evaluating directly on patients and users and defining a management practice with the participants .

One day was dedicated to occupational therapy,  by inserting also art therapy modules.

Organizations / agencies involved:
• Médecins Sans Frontières therapists and caregivers (5) and  patients
• Souriyat Accross Borders
• The University of Jordan – Department of Physiotherapy

In depth:


La Riabilitazione su base comunitaria (CBR):un’idea per il futuro ? Dott. Germano Pestelli

Diamo una speranza alle vittime di ogni guerra (pdf)


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