We thank our Embassy in Amman to the following article, which we publish here  (original link at bottom of page)

As part of Italy in reducing the threat posed by anti-personnel mines and for victim assistance,  in 2014  the meeting between the two Italian organizations “Italian Campaign to Ban Landmines and You Able Onlus” experienced in supporting people with disabilities. The two organizations have decided to give a support to Jordan in the field of assistance to amputees including mine victims from neighboring countries. In this context, it is identified a local partner “Life Line Consultancy and Rehabilitation” a Jordan non-profit organization, founded by Kamel Saadi, who at age 14 was amputee due to a mine, which assists survivors mines and people with disabilities by providing  support, emotional and financial, promoting educational activities with respect to mine-risk, carrying out advocacy activities. The LLCR mission is to help people with disabilities to achieve their goals by using their skills in terms of social and economic reintegration in Jordan.

According to Director Saadi, the Association works in the framework of institutional arrangements with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. This association is dedicated to Paola Biocca, who died tragically 12 November 1999 during a humanitarian mission in Kosovo as a spokesman for the WFP (Word Food Programme).

The approach is based on simplicity, direct interaction, the use of professionals with specific skills to meet specific needs. The Association’s guiding principles are the non-profit nature of the Association: being free of charge to people in a position of need, equal access to services regardless of nationality, age, sex users, the multidisciplinary approach that the ‘association’s work is not limited to the donation of the assistance and the orthopedic fitting, but rather to assist the user to resume daily activities, regain full mobility, providing assistance of psycho-social type. The other principles are the peer-to-peer support for the person who has suffered an amputation and his family, the management of the local staff of the project and the networking that is summed up in collaboration with all the Jordanian authorities and Italian on site .

“Since the project is fully supported by the Italian partners, we have received from Italy with high-speed machines for the orthopedics atelier and prosthetic components with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Cooperation and the Italian Embassy in Amman “said Saadi.

With the latest humanitarian shipment arrived in Jordan last December, Qutada, a young civil engineer amputee due to an explosion of a mine, has had two prosthetic kit  from Roadrunner Foot (made in Italy). Now, Qutada began to walk and to flex the knee.