Who we are

Campagna Contro le Mine antipersona (Roma)

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines collects more than 1,000 organizations in 60 countries and represents an unprecedented coalition of organizations working in the field of development, human rights,  environment, disarmament, religious world, working at  local, national, regional and international levels to ban landmines, weapons of mass destruction; claims the constitution of an ad hoc fund for demining and assisting mine victims and requires the commitment of mine-producing countries to remediate contaminated territories of the planet.

Life Line Consultancy and Rehabilitation (Amman)

Association founded in 2007 by Kamel Saadi, with the mission of helping mine victims to recover their self-confidence and achieve their goals by using their skills as active and independent members of society.

Center Staff

Kamel Saadi – Project Manager
Abdalla Hajmaf – Chief Orthopedic Technician
Orouba Mohammad Al-Manaseer – Coordination and Administration
Shefa’s Mitep Saeed Abadi – Orthopedic technician


Nella foto da sinistra: Kamel, Orouba, Abdalla, Shefa, Rahmah and her family

You Able Onlus (Milano)

YOU ABLE Onlus Association is the non-profit organization that aims to protect the health of people with disabilities, in Italy and abroad, through the recovery of the original or acquired disabilities due to war, natural disasters, accidents or other harmful events that have led to the decreased mobility or ability.